When we were overwhelmed by sins, you forgave our transgressions. (Ps. 65:3)

A CHIEF PLOY of hell is what I call the “dog-pile” effect. When we sin, a flood of accusations start flowing, containing lies and half-truths about other weaknesses in our lives. Before long, what started as a single failure has escalated to a mountain of weight. Retreating, we grow heavy with guilt. Another wave of lies pierces our minds, leaving our courage and confidence weakened and our hearts’ lights dim. Giving up seems like the only choice. But then a flash of light shines the truth! Jesus shows up with a sword and He takes no prisoners. Hell’s host flee like cowards, their lies evaporating in His presence! Still scarred from His sacrifice, He lovingly embraces us, our guilt and weight falling away. Greater than our sins, and still greater than any lie, He proves all over again that His love remains greater than our propensity to give up!

Sin’s justice required our death. A seemingly perfect storm from hell’s perspective, the Enemy also understood our inability to pay this debt without losing in the end. The brilliance of Jesus taking our place not only broke the curse, but again reestablished the hope and joy of living both now and for eternity.

The days will come when everything seems against you. Take heart and reach upward in faith, trusting that Jesus will help you rise above every circumstance.

When you feel dog-piled with sins and accusations, declare freedom through the cross.

Mark Francis enjoys exploring God’s heart, time with family, cooking, and writing. He and his wife, Laura, and their four children live in Sandy, Utah.