Run in such a way as to get the prize. (1 Cor. 9:24)

RECREATIONAL RUNNING is something I have never gotten into. When it comes to running, I am anatomically challenged—too much body surface that creates too much wind resistance.

A race has a time and place for beginning and ending. It has a defined course with boundaries. In order to win the prize you must start at the starting line and continue through to the finish line, running by the rules and within the defined boundaries. There can be no shortcuts. As important as starting the race is, finishing is more important.

Finishing requires discipline and focus. Persevering to the end requires maintaining motivation and overcoming the temptation to quit. Running is not for the faint of heart.

Over fifty years ago, I enthusiastically began a race that was more spiritual than physical, but that would demand everything if I would get the prize. I started with the end in mind. The goal is much closer now, almost within sight, and I am determined to finish well. I have to take advantage of every opportunity for renewal and refreshment along the way, but enabled by the Lord, I will not quit. I will not go off course. I will finish the race. I may not be the fastest and I certainly will not finish first, since many others began running before I did. But I am committed to finish what I began and receive the prize of seeing the One at the finish line who got me started in the race years ago.

Join hands with other runners and renew your commitment today to run the race and finish the course.

Ken Heer is the author of Ancient Fire (WPH) and has been a pastor and church leader for fifty-two years.