Great is the Lord’s anger that burns against us because our fathers have not obeyed the words of this book. (2 Kings 22:13)

My section saw me as reliable. Whenever there were long rests in the music, many of them wouldn’t count the measures because I always would. They had looked to me to verify the accuracy of their own counting, but when they realized they could rely on me they stopped keeping track for themselves altogether. I decided to teach them a lesson.

Our brass band was a few days from touring England. The bandmaster was quite tense in rehearsal. He had written a piece with a quiet stretch followed by a loud entrance from the cornets. I put the instrument to my mouth a measure early and the rest of the section followed. Then I took in a huge breath of air—the sign that it was time to unload a brassy blare—but didn’t actually blow into the instrument. The rest of them did, prematurely disturbing the serenity, and experienced the fury of our leader.

When Josiah found the book of the law, he also discovered that he and his nation had been duped. Those they had trusted had led them astray. You may think that situation wasn’t the fault of Josiah’s generation, but God’s anger burned against them as well until they humbled themselves and followed Him. Are you sure you’re serving Jesus, or have you allowed yourself to be misguided into following something else?

Evaluate how you serve. Does it line up with God’s Word?

Dave Knickerbocker is a church planter and aspiring writer from northeast Ohio.