You shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life. (Phil. 2:15–16)

RYAN WAS GLAD that recent budget cuts at his high school had not eliminated the astronomy class. After looking forward to it for two years, he stood outside in the cold air with several other students while Mr. Lang set up the telescopes for a night session. Ryan’s friend Shelby pointed at the constellation Orion the Hunter and commented, “We don’t need a telescope to see that one. I can see his shoulders, belt, sword, and legs, just like in the book.” Mr. Lang agreed, adding, “It’s a good thing this class happens at this time of year. Orion is basically invisible in our sky in the summer.” Ryan, a Christian, prayed silently, “Lord, don’t ever let anything keep others from seeing You ‘shine’ through my life.”

As a Christian, you have the incredible privilege—and responsibility—of holding out the gospel message to those who have not accepted Christ. Like a star, your light is visible even from a distance. But move closer to let it shine even more brightly! Find opportunities to offer help to unbelievers in practical ways, and use this platform to share your hope in Jesus Christ. Your loving service to others may open hearts that have long been closed to the gospel. And every time someone believes in Christ because of your witness, they will be ignited and shine the same way you do.

Ask your pastor or Bible study leader to recommend a good book on personal evangelism.

Paul Zinter serves as a substitute teacher. He enjoys writing, bread making, and teaching at his local church.