Be their shepherd and carry them forever. (Ps. 28:9)

IN A CROWD, I often see small children being carried by their daddies, heads nestled on shoulders. They snooze peacefully, undisturbed by the ruckus of humanity around them. Oh, how I admire a child’s ability to sleep so securely and soundly.

I have an illustrated book of Psalm 23. On the last page, it shows Jesus walking as He cuddles a wooly little lamb. Its head is resting on Jesus’ shoulder. The lamb has the most content and peaceful look on its little face.

Both images bring to my mind the epitome of total trust. Verse 7 says the psalmist’s heart trusted in God, whom he called his strength and his shield. In verse 8, God was his saving refuge.

Somewhere along the line, as we grow into adulthood, we get the notion we should shoulder our problems on our own. We have to buck up, be strong, and get through it. It takes faith to be like a child or a lamb, to give up control and let Jesus carry our burdens for us.

We all have heaviness in our souls. Today, let us give them to the One we can trust more than anybody. Let Jesus shoulder our worries so we can, like a child and a little lamb, experience true refuge and peace.

Trust like a child and let Jesus shoulder your burdens.

Julie B. Cosgrove is a widowed Christian author and speaker who lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She is involved with women’s and outreach ministries.