In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. (Eph. 5:28)

JEFF WAS A GREAT ONE FOR WORDS. He had lines that were smooth as butter and could melt a girl’s heart—and her will. He had a reputation among his friends as an “operator.” He made good use of his skills all through college until the day he met Cassie. She held his gaze but didn’t melt. Jeff tried several approaches, but none seemed to get Cassie anywhere near a melting point.

Cassie intrigued Jeff. He decided to pursue Cassie until he won her over. Along the way he realized he was falling for this woman who appeared as if she could take him or leave him. He used all his best lines to try to woo her before Cassie confronted him. “Look, Jeff—if you are really interested in me, and not just the conquest of me, stop using lines on me and show me you care. I don’t need your fancy words. I need you to show me your heart, and that you care for me. Show me!”

This was a new concept to Jeff, and may also be to others. A woman, a wife, longs to be shown that she has value. Christ modeled this by laying down His life for His bride, the church. He asks husbands to do the same. It’s a concept that will never lose its power or allure.

Ask for God’s creativity to show your spouse your love, as Christ modeled.

Annie Wamberg lives in Colorado Springs. An empty-nester, Annie has plunged back into singing. When not sleeping, Annie runs a cleaning business.