And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them. (Mark 10:16)

My niece was three when she visited my church one Sunday. As our minister met her, he leaned down and placed his hand on her head and blessed her. Her eyes widened and she whispered as we left, “He put sunshine on my head. I want to come back for more.”

Children have such an uninhibited view of the world. All is a wonder to them. Things such as anxiety, pride, or prejudice have yet to color their perception. Their hearts have not been hardened again and again by disappointments. Since everything is bigger than they are and so many people have authority over them, the concept of God as the Father they are to obey is easy for them to grasp.

Jesus said we are to have that same attitude. We need to run to Daddy and climb into His lap for comfort. We should look to Him for advice and ask permission before we do something. We need to reach for His hand before crossing the street, instead of rushing off willy-nilly, and promise to stay in the boundaries He sets for us. We also need to have an attitude of wonder when it comes to learning the new things He places before us. Maybe then we will feel the Son-shine on our heads and the warmth of His loving arms around us more often.

Do one thing today you haven’t done in years to remind yourself you are a child of God.

Julie B. Cosgrove is a widowed Christian author and speaker who lives in Fort Worth, Texas. She is involved with women’s and outreach ministries.