Simon had practiced sorcery. (Acts 8:9)

I WAS PLEASED with the classes I took to prepare to be a minister. I loved taking courses like Pastoral Care, Doctrine of Holiness, Evangelism and Global Ministries, and Church History. The information presented in classes dealing with pastoral counseling and missions was challenging to me. Each class prepared me for a different aspect of ministry. However, there was one topic that was not covered in any of the classes I had taken—the topic of spiritual warfare.

To be fair, even if it had been covered I would not have been prepared to listen. My thinking back then went something like this: “How ridiculous to think that Satan is a real being. Only a crazy fanatic would believe in Satan and his army of evil.” I felt the same way about witches and their use of sorcery.

However, my years of serving as a missionary in Africa changed my way of thinking. I have seen the work and “power” of Satan in what witch doctors do with their use of sorcery and incantations. I have also seen how the power of the resurrection can set people free from their bondage. I now preach the following message to Christians: Yes, we need to be informed about the existence of Satan, but we need not fear him, for the resurrection power of Christ can protect us!

Be aware of Satan’s power, but rely on Christ’s power to help you overcome it.

Jim Lo is the author of Connect with God: The Purpose of Prayer (WPH) and the dean of chapel at Indiana Wesleyan University.