Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. (Ps. 19:2)

Holding her grandson, she pointed out the millions of stars in the sky. “I believe God put a star in the sky when you were born,” she said. “It had to be the brightest of all.”

“How come it had to be the brightest?” her grandson asked.

“Because you are the brightest,” she answered.

Continuing to hug him, she savored the moment and silently prayed: Lord, keep this little boy close to Your heart. Keep him from the evil one. Gazing at the night sky, she rejoiced in the solitude.

“What’s the matter, Grandma?” Little Michael asked.

“Nothing, honey. I was just thinking . . . don’t ever lose that spark!”

“What spark?”

“Why, that spark God gave you. Your smile. Your love for Jesus. You are as special as all the millions of stars in the sky.”

Mikie looked up at the starry universe and said, “Look. Look up there. Right up there. I see my star. Do you see it, Grandma?”

“I see it. It’s the brightest one, isn’t it?”

“Yep!” He smiled. “It’s awesome that God made all of this for us.”

“Yes, it’s awesome, and you can shine your light just like the stars!”

Many giggles later, he asked, “Can I really shine, Grandma?”

Like the Scripture says, we can shine like the stars in the sky, day after day and night after night.

Watch how God’s majesty speaks to you when you next search the stars in His sky.

Shirley A. Reynolds lives in a rural community, teaches elementary children at her church, and enjoys riding her ATV in the back woods.