Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children. (Eph. 5:1)

MY HUSBAND RAISED a garden when we lived in the country. Christopher, a young neighbor boy, loved to follow him around while he worked among the squash, tomatoes, and radishes. One day my husband noticed Christopher following him down the rows, carefully stepping in his footprints. Even though his feet were much smaller, the boy imitated every step my husband took. He wanted to be a part of whatever Sonny did whether it was weeding, watering, or walking.

Paul told the Ephesians to be imitators of God, and I believe he’s speaking to us also. This means we follow God through life, carefully stepping in His footprints, walking where He walks.

Even though our prints may not match His exactly, we can still step into the indentation He makes in our lives. By following His prints, we will walk the path that pleases Him. But it’s more than just walking; it’s living like God does—leading a godly life in the world around us.

“Be imitators,” Paul wrote. In other words, do the same as Christopher did when he followed my husband around. Christopher loved Sonny and looked up to him; he wanted to please my husband and do everything just like Sonny did. Isn’t that what Paul is saying to us? Do everything just like God does and strive to please Him.

Follow in God’s footsteps, carefully stepping where He leads.

Vickie Phelps lives in Texas with her husband and their schnauzer. She collects books, plays the organ, and is a trained cake decorator.