It was because your hearts were hard that Moses wrote you this law. (Mark 10:5)

IS SACRED STILL SACRED? Or have we squirmed out of commitments and searched for loopholes for so long that we have lost sight of what God considers holy?

The Pharisees had. For them, the law became a code of letters, not of intent. Theirs was a dodge ball game of ways to craftily meet the code without impacting their stony hearts. They failed to understand that God had designed something unique and beautiful in marriage. Like the blood ties and heart connection between a parent and child, it was to be a permanent bond. Jesus told them they made a mockery of that union when they looked for ways to tear it apart.

A married couple is one; theirs is a sacred alliance. Like Christ and the church, one feeds, supplies, and honors the other. He doesn’t leave us without His care or supply. Neither are we to walk away from our commitment to one another.

There is wisdom in revering what He reveres. We cannot trust our own hearts or the evening news to know what that is. We show our high regard for Him by allowing Him to define what is to be called holy. In fully honoring Him, then, we must be willing to sever what He tells us to sever and to protect what He tells us to protect.

Ask yourself honestly, “Am I honoring His true heart in what I hold sacred?”

Karon L. Storment lives in Greensboro, North Carolina, with her husband, Jim. Together they direct Beth