They performed his miraculous signs among them, his wonders in the land of Ham. (Ps. 105:27)

HAVE YOU EVER FELT as if you were all alone, like young David facing the giant? Your timid supporters stand in the background and let you take the fall. What stands before you seems too big to defeat on your own. Where is God? Doesn’t He know how insurmountable this task is? Does He not know the size of your enemy? He not only knows how big the foe is, He prepared you to be where you are, to do the job for His glory. If He thought David needed anyone else to stand with him against Goliath, He would have provided them.

There is a vast supply of warriors to come to your aid when you are in trouble, and God has prepared them for this task. He knows just where you live and how many believers you need to help you through a crisis, a triumph, or an unfinished battle. Our foes are never too big for us when we invite the Spirit to intervene. There is no need to fear, unless you are counted among the enemies of God.

In everyday circumstances, your community of believers stands ready to pray for the miraculous in the knowledge of God’s Spirit. The Spirit tells them how to pray for you so you won’t face anything alone. He knows your foes, for they are His too.

Be filled with the Spirit so that you may have confidence.

Jan Cline is the author of three devotional books. She is a speaker and founder and director of a Christian writers’ conference in the Northwest.