For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves. (Col. 1:13)

PEOPLE WHO CAN’T SEE in the dark very well sometimes stumble and fall or hurt themselves. One evening, hurrying through a darkened room, I hit my toe against a wooden furniture leg. It hurt terribly and the next day the toe was purple and swollen. The accident did nothing to improve my night vision though. A few days later, I ran into the same object and hit the same toe. What a painful experience. We made a change. Now, there is always some kind of light burning at night even though it may be only a small nightlight or the glow of a computer monitor. Anything left in the middle of the floor is a dangerous hazard for those with night blindness.

The people of Colosse were living in terrible darkness. Paul said the darkness had dominion over them. It controlled their lives. They walked around without direction until they met Christ, who rescued them and forgave their sins. Christ brought light to these people who needed new life. They no longer had to stumble in the dark, unable to see what lay before them.

When Christ redeems a life, the dominion of darkness has to leave. The redeemed no longer stumble, bumping into things that can harm or hurt them. Their vision has improved because of the light. They can see clearly now.

Ask God for a spiritual eye exam so you can see your way clearly.

Vickie Phelps is a retired bookseller who enjoys reading and collecting books. She also plays the organ for her church and publishes the church bulletin.