And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. (Eph. 2:6)

MY WIFE AND I VISITED a large, popular church in Manhattan. We arrived an hour early and found every seat already occupied or saved. Everywhere we went, white-gloved usherettes guarded the saved seats and told us nothing was available. We were told we didn’t get there early enough. After wandering around unsuccessfully, we were about to give up when a nicely dressed woman approached us and asked if we had a place to sit. When we told her we didn’t, she said, “Come sit by me.” She took us down to the front row, dead center, and introduced herself as the pastor’s wife. She was saving a couple of seats for people just like us. We had the best seats in the house.

Best seats are usually hard to come by. Getting there early won’t guarantee you will get one. Best seats cost a lot, or you must know the right people.

Christ held center stage through His crucifixion and resurrection. When He finished His earthly redemptive work, the Father said, “Son, come sit by Me.” The power that raised Jesus has raised us as well and Jesus says, “Child, come sit by Me while I sit by the Father.” While walking this earth, we are spiritually seated in heavenly places in Jesus. We couldn’t ask for better seats. They cost Him more than we could ever pay, and He gave them to us without cost. We know the right people.

From where you sit, you can see eternity. Enjoy the view today.

Ken Heer is the author of Ancient Fire: The Power of Christian Rituals in Contemporary Worship (WPH) and directs a retirement community in Brooksville, Florida.