Then Deborah said to Barak, “Go! This is the day the Lord has given Sisera into your hands. Has not the Lord gone ahead of you?” (Judg. 4:14)

THE KOH PANYEE TEAM had an unlikely start. In 1986 a group of young boys from this floating fishing village scavenged enough wood and nails to build a tiny, makeshift raft in the middle of the water—the only place available. Even without a coach, shoes, or equipment, the youth were undaunted. They kicked, faked, blocked, and drilled, urging one another to improve. Finally, the determined group received an invitation to compete in a tournament where—unexpectedly—they placed. Now known as one of the best youth training soccer sites in Thailand, Koh Panyee owes its success to the boys who forged a path for others.

As Israel’s guide, Deborah knew God had primed that nation’s army for victory. She demanded the people persist in their faith by drawing attention to the One who was their champion—going ahead to prepare the way. Proclaiming allegiance to Him meant nothing unless the people acted in obedience. If the people genuinely desired to follow God, they would make it clear by trusting His lead.

The boys of Koh Panyee prepared the playing field for those who would come after them. In the same way, God was the forerunner for Israel—and for us. Let’s trust our Champion to guide us toward the victories in life.

Ask God to teach you to follow His lead in all areas of your life.

Tammy Kennington is a preschool director and literacy intervention specialist. Tammy enjoys playing board games with her husband and four children.