Daily Reading: Hebrews 11:1–16

If they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would have had opportunity to return. (Heb. 11:15)

Restless for months, I longed for more. God’s fresh call thrilled my heart, and yet I knew much would change. My wife and I would resign from our jobs and prepare to launch out and see where He would lead. A few weeks later in our car packed with clothes and playthings for our young daughter, we left the familiarity of home and embraced the unknown of following God in a new direction. The journey led us to discover new realms of personal growth and fresh vision for our lives. Though we experienced challenges and difficulties along the way, God’s grace amazed us with each step we took. In one of the best years of our lives together, my wife and I came to understand the joy of clinging to Him even when the way before us seemed unclear.

Almost every day we choose between the familiar and the unknown. Confronted with this choice, the temptation to rely more on what we know or have experienced, rather than on the abiding presence of the Father, grips our heart. Even when future promises remain unrealized, as the writer of Hebrews shared, the Lord honors our decision to remain by His side to follow His lead.

Every day holds decisions that determine the ongoing growth and vitality of our inner life. When faced with such a choice, the Lord offers His hand and beckons us to step with Him.

Step into God’s leading, trusting His love for you even into the unknown.

Mark Francis enjoys time with family, forging deep friendships, cooking, exercising, and writing.