But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light. (John 3:21)

GROWING UP, I LOVED PLAYING games with the neighborhood kids at dusk. It would be getting dark and hard to see, which made it perfect for classic games like hide and seek, tag, and sardines. The darker it got, the better the games, especially if you were trying to hide and not be found. My friends and I would wander into the woods. It would be pitch black and scary at times. We quickly learned to bring flashlights with us! However, those who were hiding were smart to leave their lights off, or they would easily be found and the game would be over. Light makes all the difference. That’s great for fun and games, not so great for life in general. This world can be a dark place. There are plenty of places to hide in the darkness, but there’s no freedom in hiding. Like playing childhood games, you’re stuck in one place.

God, our heavenly Father, has so much love for us, “he gave his one and only Son,” the light of the world, for our redemption. He calls us out of the darkness and into the light. Those who are hiding hate the light. Those who are seeking love the light. Through God’s ultimate gift, truth will come, and like a flashlight being turned on, make our paths clear.

Are you hiding or seeking? Step into the light and find freedom.

Scott Simmons is the author of iFollow: Connecting Belief and Behavior to Who You Are in Christ (WPH) and the youth ministry movement director for The Wesleyan Church.