BETWEEN THE PAST that cannot be undone and the future that may not be lies today, the only real time over which we have any control. What a wonderful gift today is. Today we have opportunity to make choices that can affect our world and determine our destinies. Today we can experience the joy of fellowship with our Creator. Today we can experience relationships in which we love and are loved. Today we can do something that will be fulfilling and benefit others. Today is a great day. It is the day the Lord has made, and He has gifted it to us.

However, today can be wasted and its potential ruined and lost forever. We can fail to enter into its joy and never taste its satisfying opportunities. Tomorrow we will either build upon the good choices we make today or we will try to dig our way out of the consequences of bad choices we made. Regret is the feeling we will have tomorrow when we discover what we missed out on today.

If you hear God urging you to move toward Him, respond right away. Life may be totally different for you tomorrow and you may not hear Him call for you over the noise and distraction of the day. Today is God’s special gift to you. Make the most of its opportunities. Act while you can. You will never pass this way again.

Live today with the knowledge that there will be no retakes—this is your time to do it right.

Ken Heer has been a pastor and church leader for fifty-one years and lives in Florida with his wife Nancy. They have three children and nine grandchildren.