Be still, and know that I am God. (Ps. 46:10)

Mountains loom where man wants to go, and he decides to carve a path or create a hole through it . . . or maybe move it altogether. For any substantial change, this takes significant time, harsh explosives, and heavy equipment. Hard work, with minimal impact.

God also creates holes in mountains—breathtaking ones like the Carlsbad Caverns—but with a trickle of water. And He sometimes moves mountains in seconds with an earthquake. This beautiful psalm reminds us of this. No mountain, problem, or enemy in our lives is greater than He. Not only is He capable of handling such things, but He does so in ways that are more effective and awe-inspiring than we could dream.

When life hits hard, we long for something to cling to that is greater than what assails us. We turn to ourselves or to something in the world that just might make those troubles go away, or at least be more manageable. But we can set all our efforts aside—our dynamite and heavy-duty machines—and rest, letting God work. And when enemies attack, we can let Him fight. Maybe He’ll cause an earthquake in our lives or maybe He’ll use a soft trickle of water to create a gorgeous canyon where there wasn’t one. But we can sit back and enjoy the show. Be still and know, really know, that He is God.

Repeat today’s key verse every time you worry this week.

Diane Gardner lives in northern California. She enjoys oil painting, theater, community festivals, and quiet evenings at home.