But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Peter answered, “The Christ of God.” (Luke 9:20)

I MIGHT HAVE HEARD the same thing.

My friend’s parents tend to yell messages across the house. On one particular day, his dad was getting the grill fired up for dinner. Dad’s plan was for Mom to start the rest of the meal in the kitchen once the grill was ready; so he warned her she should be ready for when “the ham is on.” So while she waited, she dutifully logged on to the family computer.

Finally, he yelled that the grill was ready. And as far as she knew, so was she. She yelled, “OK. I don’t know why you wanted it . . . but I’m ready with the Amazon!”

After a moment, Dad ducked his head in and said, “No, I said ‘when the ham is on’!”

The public held several opinions about who Jesus might be. Some said he was a prophet from the distant past, or someone big who was back from the dead. Jesus didn’t want to hear what the crowds thought. He wanted to hear who Peter thought He was. Defining Jesus’ role would define Peter’s role. If Jesus was God’s Messiah, then Peter was on a much bigger journey than one who followed John the Baptist or Elijah.

Misunderstanding can cause profound issues. If God tells you who He is and you hear something else, you can’t help but miss what He has for you to do. One of the secrets of wholehearted devotion is to understand who you are and whom you follow.

Write five positive qualities about Jesus and yourself.

Mollie Bond works in radio as an assistant producer. Watching snowflakes slows her down. Otherwise she is at church or with her cat, Charlie.