But they were still eager to act corruptly in all they did. (Zeph. 3:7)

The cars speed through the streets, skidding around corners. The armed men chasing our heroes throughout the movie are willing to do anything to retrieve what they have stolen, even kill. We hold our breath and root for our heroes to win and keep the goods. Except “our heroes” aren’t exactly your typical good guys. . . . They’re actually the thieves who stole the money in the first place.

Zephaniah speaks of a society turned upside down. Not only does it ignore God’s correction and His warnings about the dangers ahead, but it harms itself. The “wise” people guiding things are not simply wrong, but treacherous. Even the “holy” people make the sacred profane. God in His righteousness does everything imaginable to get their attention. Not only because He is holy and must counter sin, but because He sees a people about to drive themselves right off a cliff.

Like Zephaniah’s Israel, we too often choose to turn from God. We discount our own sin, and our nation’s. And we allow people who have it all backward to guide us. Suddenly, those who do evil become our heroes. Although, admittedly, this can make for captivating movies, it is deadly in real life. We must not gloss over sin. God won’t hesitate to put a huge roadblock of correction in front of us to prevent even worse destruction. And we’ll find ourselves in a terrible wreck.

Spend time asking for God’s forgiveness and making your heart right before Him.

Diane Gardner is a freelance writer and editor. She lives in northern California, where she enjoys reading, painting, and exploring the San Francisco Bay area with her husband.