The Kingdom Revealed: A Devotional Study on the Sermon on the Mount is focused on the message Jesus taught recorded in Matthew 5–7; the kingdom is not something far off, but a depiction of the Christian life — a life of holiness — in the present.

“No matter how long someone has been a Christian, the Sermon on the Mount continually challenges the believer. For a new believer, it provides a picture of the holy life. For the seasoned Christian, it takes us back to the place of original consecration and dependence on God to do in us what only He can do for us,” said Allen Satterlee, author and editor-in-chief of The Salvation Army’s national publications.

This 30-day devotional calls the reader to deeper devotion through assigned Scripture with each chapter and stories and contextual insights that give a thorough look into some of Jesus’ most well-known words. With reflection questions at the end of each chapter, this book can be used for personal devotions or small group reading.

Three things you can learn about the Sermon on the Mount from The Kingdom Revealed:

  • Jesus considered the holy life to be the normal Christian life.
  • If we lived according to what Jesus said, we would have a powerful witness in the world.
  • The Sermon on the Mount is not burdensome to follow but a way to being more fully what God intended us to be.

All of these things are important to remember in today’s culture.

“Christianity in its truest form is counter-cultural. It challenges our assumptions, causes us to examine our lives in the light of what God says and calls us to something better,” Satterlee said. “Our culture tries to find the lowest common denominator. The Sermon on the Mount beckons us to live by a higher standard. We are called to live by an ethos far and above what non-Christians do. The second mile is not the end of the journey — only the beginning.”

Journey with Allen Satterlee in The Kingdom Revealed: A Devotional Study on the Sermon on the Mount.

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