Daily Reading: Acts 17:24–31

God did this so that men would . . . reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. (Acts 17:27)

Years ago, my dad took off his wedding ring and put it in his pants pocket so he wouldn’t ding it while playing volleyball. He then changed out of his church clothes and enjoyed a lively game with friends. When the match was over, he went to retrieve the band, but it was no longer there. He looked around, but the deep sand made it impossible to find such a small item. A dozen men and women searched for his symbol of love. They scoured the dirt parking lot, the sandy volleyball court, and the mountainous terrain. Their arms hurt from the game and their backs ached from bending over while digging through the sand, but the looks of love and devotion on my parents’ faces caused everyone to keep looking even when it seemed hopeless. Ninety minutes later, someone found the ring buried in the dirt by the bathroom.

God designed the world in a way that causes us to reach out for Him. When searching, do we quickly scan the horizon or are we willing to get down on our hands and knees and look as if our very lives depend on it? Are we committed to pursuing Him even when we’re weary or our backs ache? Don’t give up looking, for the very One you’ve looking for is closer than you think.

Search for God, even on the days you think He is far away.

Stacy Voss loves to run, chase her kids, and hike in the mountains with her husband outside their Colorado home.