At the recent Pacific Southwest District conference last month, I shared how our movement needs to be a kingdom force — people living each day as ambassadors of God as they infiltrate the culture in which they live. I talked about what this kingdom force ought not be about and what it might look like.


  • Finding power brokers we can align ourselves with
  • Consumer-driven programming
  • One of political persuasion, but there will be times we must engage the culture politically (Paul) and permeate every part of the dough
  • Merely filling up chairs
  • Holding big events
  • Entertainment we may use to attract folks
  • Accumulating more—buildings, property and finances


  • Infiltration, influence in the tiny corners of need; impacting the fringes where society has shoved those deemed okay to ignore
  • Pushing back on any force that strives to silence the gospel, negate the cross or compromise the faith.
  • Speaking to the issues of the day from a Christ-centered, biblical perspective. We cannot, must not be silent on the issues of the day. We cannot, must not avoid speaking truth in love. We cannot, must not lack clarity on biblical values and when they are being compromised
  • Being the yeast that permeates every part of the dough; there is no aspect of culture that must go untouched, ignored, nor be silent on.

Listen to the talk in its entirety.