He came to Jesus at night. (John 3:2)

WHEN OUR SON WAS A TEENAGER, he often knocked on our bedroom door at night and asked if he could come in and talk with us. Even though my husband and I were ready for sleep, we welcomed him into our room. We had discovered that the late evening hours were the ideal time to converse with and teach our maturing child without interruption.

Christ was probably tired at the end of the day, yet He still made time for Nicodemus when the Pharisee paid Him a nighttime visit. The Lord patiently answered Nicodemus’s questions and taught him what it means to be born again. Since Nicodemus helped Joseph of Arimathea prepare Jesus’ crucified body for burial (John 19), it’s probable that Jesus’ nocturnal visitor became His devoted follower.

Jesus is never too busy or too tired to talk with us. In Psalm 32:8, God says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.” No questions we pose to the Lord will irritate Him. No lack of understanding will annoy Him. You’re His favorite pupil, and so am I. Our Savior’s eyes are filled with love when He looks upon us, and He’s eager to teach us. Morning, noon, and night—the Lord’s classroom is always open.

The next time you can’t sleep, talk to Jesus.

Nancy Reinke lives in the Colorado Rockies with her artist husband. She enjoys writing, hiking, grandmothering, and encouraging others