The judgment followed one sin and brought condemnation, but the gift followed many trespasses and brought justification. (Rom. 5:16)

SOME PEOPLE ARE natural gift-givers. They are good listeners and observant, picking up on others’ likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. As a result, each of their presents seems to be the perfect gift, specially chosen and wrapped in love. These presents are received with delight and greatly appreciated.

Other gifts are far from perfect because they don’t match the receiver’s preferences, size, or need. These presents are usually regifted, returned, or stored in an obscure closet. Some statistics indicate that over 90 percent of us think that regifting is acceptable and over one-third of us return unwanted presents.

God knows each of us intimately, and He lovingly observes us. We’ve all sinned and are subject to death, judgment, and condemnation. Being aware of our pitiful condition and our inability to escape it on our own, God has prepared the perfect gift for us: the gift of righteousness through Jesus Christ. He offers us this gift because He realizes that none of us could ever stand before His holy presence dressed in our own goodness.

This perfect gift is one that every human needs, a gift God makes available to all. Wrapped in His grace, this gift of righteousness brings life and justification; it allows us to enter into a new relationship with the greatest Gift-Giver of all time and grants us the privilege to call Him Father.

Receive God’s perfect gift today, and you will delight in it for all eternity.

Kathern Nemec lived most of her adult life in her husband’s native Argentina. Now residing in Ohio, she works in Spanish customer support and translation.