Then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (2 Chron. 7:14)

I stood at the top of Hoover Dam recently. The mighty structure left me breathless. Its massive layers of concrete and steel hold back and tames a river into submission. The dam controls the river’s flow and uses it to create valuable electricity. It manages water conservation and provides needed water to otherwise parched lands, healing useless soil so that it can bear fruit again.

The God of the universe does the same for us. His Word tells us that if we cry out to Him and call upon Him as the keeper of the floodgates, He will release the life-giving water we need to flourish personally and as a nation. Without this nourishing water, we are still only a dry wasteland, unable to grow the seeds of His Word and reap the harvest.

We humble ourselves and pray. God hears His words come back to Him in those prayers and He is delighted. He desires to enrich our land so that we may bear the fruit of the Word and share it with the multitudes of starving people.

How wonderful it is to serve a Creator who knows how to feed our personal needs and the needs of our world. His powerful Word in our lives is the dam that controls the river of life. He wants to release the power in your life today!

Call upon the Lord to heal our land and open the floodgates.

Jan Cline is a speaker and the director of the Inland NW Christian Writers conference.