Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. (Isa. 55:6)

Chris wakes up insanely early each morning with a prayer in his heart and a song on his lips. He reads his Bible before heading to work. Then the day hits him! Property issues, financial obligations (and having to return to a customer’s home to fix something he’d tried to convince his boss to do right the first time) distract him, weigh down his heart—all but eliminate his attempts at ceaseless prayer.

The Israelites were not strangers to the weight of the world either. Unfortunately, they frequently succumbed to its cares and temptations. Isaiah warned them that there might come a time when God couldn’t be found, a time when He would no longer hear their cries. Of course, this isn’t to be taken literally; God is always near, but He can only be found by those who seek Him.

The real problem lies within the human heart and its deceitful nature. The heart tells the mind that God doesn’t care, that He’s nowhere around. The Israelites made many decisions and bad choices based on their belief that God had left them. Isaiah reminded them that He was there and He was listening, just as He is today. We need only approach the throne, discarding the cares of this world, to see how real and attentive He is to His children.

When you feel burdens creeping in today, banish them and praise Him.

Ginny Mink is a wife and mother of two. She finds great joy in serving the King with the talents He’s given her.