1 Thessalonians 5:16–24

Do not put out the Spirit’s fire. (1 Thess. 5:19)

Wrestling internally, I hesitated to act. On the bus ride home, the Lord had given me some encouraging words to share with a young man seated a few rows away. I quickly crafted a note, but when ready to give it to him, I couldn’t. Even the seat next to him was vacant and still I remained afraid to act. As he left the bus without his note, my heart sank. Mad and upset at myself, I asked the Lord for a second chance. Getting off the bus at my stop and walking to my car, I scanned the parking lot and realized the young man was but a few rows away. Excited and thanking God, I quickly caught up to the young man. Briefly offering the note with a few words of encouragement, I shook his hand and returned to my car, leaving him to meet with God.

The Holy Spirit’s leading always comes with a promise of action on God’s part. The reality that we get to be a part of the stories He writes upon the hearts of others is humbling. Still, learning to embrace and trust the Spirit’s lead remains significant to our ongoing involvement.

Heaven’s impact upon our world largely flows through our lives as we touch others. His abiding presence provides consistent access to His plans and purposes for releasing new life.

Seek and act upon the Spirit’s encouraging insight for a relationship you have.

Mark Francis enjoys time with family, forging deep friendships, cooking, exercising, and writing.