Daily Reading: Jude 17–22

But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit. (Jude 20)

The barren land lay in waste before Will. Months of drought, high feed costs, and little water had taken their toll on his property and his heart. With most of his cattle sold off, he looked at his last mother cows. Ranching wisdom dictated he should let them go, freeing him from further cost and damage to the pasture land they roamed. But they also represented what was left of his forty-year ranching legacy. Tired from many sleepless nights, Will again asked for divine guidance. Slowly, an ember of hope took root in his heart and began to grow. A few days later, Will made a decision based on a discernible fabric of guidance he trusted came from heaven. He resolved he would keep the cows and trust in God’s leading. Days later, the rains did come, renewing hope to Will’s heart.

The tyranny of circumstances can powerfully affect our vision. What we believe either strips its influence or reinforces it. However, we are not left without godly wisdom. The Holy Spirit lives to share God’s heart so we can stay grounded in heaven’s reality.

Daily we face choices to build our trust in God and His word to us, or to place our hope in conditions we encounter. Elevating our dependence upon God’s love opens the door for radical alteration of situations that may seem unchangeable.

Hold God’s leading as priceless treasure.

Mark Francis enjoys time with family, forging deep friendships, cooking, exercising, and writing.