Come, for everything is now ready. (Luke 14:17)

CHURNING DARKNESS COVERED the earth. For centuries, flickering lights had come and gone, all to be consumed by the darkness in people’s hearts. All attempts to pierce this veil of generational bondage had failed. The ominous reality that humanity, while capable of great good, remained infected by the poison of self-centeredness and pride, strengthened with each successive generation. Mocking laughter filled the spiritual realm with taunts of false hope, wounding humanity’s heart with devious lies. Seemingly untouchable, these underworld forces heaped death and darkness with reckless abandon until one birth changed everything. Without fanfare or nobility, heaven invaded earth and a beacon of light began to shine with faithful perseverance. The baby grew, filled with humanity and heaven, until that day when He proclaimed, “Everything is now ready!”

Since the days of the garden experience, every man and woman has wrestled with their inability to change their hearts for the good. Each generation has sought countless ways only to fall short of heaven’s standard, and yet our pursuit for self-exaltation continues. Hope deserted us until the God-man came to experience the life we live with the vitality of selfless love.

The days of endless toil and hopelessness have ended. A brighter light than the noonday sun burns and beckons us to heaven’s gift of personal transformation.

Drop your plans to become better and receive what Jesus freely offers you.

Mark Francis enjoys exploring God’s heart, time with family, cooking, and writing. He and his wife, Laura, and their four children live in Sandy, Utah.