Daily Reading: Psalm 18:28–36

You broaden the path beneath me, so that my ankles do not turn. (Ps. 18:36)

Adventures are fun. Taking on a rock face or heading to the top of the biggest mountain I can see makes my insides bubble with anticipation. Think about rock climbing. Can you feel the grit under your nails? What about the searing heat in your thighs as you take that one last step to reach the top of the mountain?

An adventure is usually something beyond day-to-day living. Walking is not an adventure. Looking at paperwork is not an adventure. Finding children in racks at the store is not an adventure.

David had adventures he could talk about for hours during a dinner party. His lifetime was a series of hiding in caves, sneaking into off-limits territories, and battles. His adventures became everyday living for him.

When David revealed those adventures in writing, he didn’t share a story to show off. He gave the credit of his adventures—his day-to-day living—to God. Each pull of the bow, each swipe of the sword, even the very use of his feet was contributed as an attribute of God’s goodness. Walking became an adventure that was an opportunity to show how God fills us with life.

Day-to-day living can become an adventure. Picking up the kids, looking at a spreadsheet, and even walking, can become an adventure. It can become a way to give God praise.

See today’s adventures as an opportunity to give credit to God.

Mollie Bond works in radio as an assistant producer. Watching snowflakes slows her down.