But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love. (Ps. 59:16)

IT WAS A DARK NIGHT when we rushed him to the hospital. Many dark nights followed as doctors desperately tried to stop the infection that was ravaging his little body. Even the days were overcome by darkness when the doctors said antibiotics were not working and there was nothing more they could do. Only a miracle would save him. Then came the morning! During the darkest of nights God sent His angels to touch Ryan, and he woke in the morning with healing in his body. We sang of the love and goodness of God that morning.

There are times the darkness of night can be so pervasive, infiltrating the spirit and bringing fear, confusion, hopelessness, and distortion of reality. It happened the night that the stone was slammed shut on the tomb that held our Lord. Then came the morning, and in its light everything changed. The dawn of a new day helps us to see things more clearly. New strength and resolve bolster the spirit. It would seem that all nature wakes with new song in the morning.

Maybe this is why I have become a morning person, loving mornings more than late nights. God seems more in control as the sun rises on new beginnings and new blessings. What God has been working on during the night takes greater focus in the morning light. It makes us want to sing.

Join with the birds in the morning and sing the love of God.

Ken Heer is the author of Ancient Fire (WPH) and has been a pastor and church leader for fifty-two years.