As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it. (Luke 19:41)

AS I CONTEMPLATED crafting a novel about my mother’s life during World War II, I realized how little I knew about that time in her life. She had passed away ten years before I began my project, and as I stared at the pages of my manuscript, I wished I had quizzed her more about the events of those years. I tried to capture the interesting story about wartime with a husband who piloted a bomber plane, but I suddenly realized the opportunity I had missed by not asking her questions while she was with us.

If only I had not been distracted by my own concerns and pursuits, I might have gleaned the treasured information I needed to accurately portray her. If only I had seen with discerning eyes the value of her life’s story. It’s too late for me to have those conversations. I can’t get back the time with her.

How much more grieved Jesus was over Jerusalem’s lack of initiative. He gave them every opportunity to see Him for who He was and to embrace His story. How grieved must He still be when we take His presence for granted. Now is the time to see His glory in the light of His great love for us. We cannot afford to miss any more chances to know Him.

Spend time with Him today.

Jan Cline is an author and speaker from the Northwest. She is also director of the Inland NW Christian Writers conference.