For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. (Luke 11:10)

“WHAT DO YOU WANT me to do, walk around like a zombie?” Nancy snapped at me. She was my fourth supervisor within six years. I’d worked well with the first three, and my working relationship with Nancy had been good at first.

Then she became more interested in remodeling our office than in doing her job. When she made mistakes, she blamed me. We were the only staff in the office, so it was her word against mine. The main office for our nonprofit organization was located a hundred miles away.

The job had been an answer to prayer after my husband left me for another woman. After being a homemaker for twenty-seven years, I had been forced to support myself. I believed the Lord had worked on my behalf when I was hired for this secretarial position.

Things went from bad to worse until finally Nancy was successful in getting me fired.

As I gathered my personal possessions and told our volunteers good-bye, I managed to keep the tears from falling.

God had seen me through crises before and I knew He would be with me through this latest problem. Within three weeks I found another job.

We may never know why bad things happen, but we can always be assured that God will be with us through every crisis.

Pray expectantly, believing God will answer according to your need.

Norma C. Mezoe lives in Sandborn, Indiana, where she is active in her church. She began writing after a crisis and has been a published writer for thirty years.