Why do you look for the living among the dead? (Luke 24:5)

WEARY FROM GRIEF after losing her husband of sixty-five years, Iola sat in a church office. “I know it’s none of my business,” the pastor said, “but why are you doing community service?”

Tears flowed down her cheeks. “During the thirteen days Al was in the hospital, I did something one afternoon I wouldn’t normally do. I drove through an intersection on a yellow light. However, the citation I received reported it as a red light,” Iola said. “A few days following Al’s funeral, I appeared before the judge and the court forgave me the $750 fine if I would do community service.” Iola went to her assignment, a church three miles from her home, where the pastor had her file correspondence and do light cleaning.

“I’m glad your church was on the list with the community service organization,” she said. “It has given me a break from grieving.”

The women in today’s Scripture experienced relief from their grief when they found the tomb empty and Jesus alive, just as the angels had told them. God knew how much Iola needed relief too. In addition to all the things on her mind related to Al’s passing, she had the traffic violation. Yet the court showed mercy by allowing her to do community service. Ironically, serving others helped ease her grief.

Thank God today for His knowing your needs, especially in your darkest hours.

Sue Tornai lives with her husband, John, and dog, Maggie, in Carmichael, California. They enjoy camping and fishing at Lake Almanor in Northern California