It is God who . . . makes my way perfect. (Ps. 18:32)

I covered my eyes and held my breath. I felt childish as I peeked through my fingers. Yet I couldn’t tear my eyes away. The acrobats floated high in the air to the music, flipping and tumbling in perfect synchronization. It was mesmerizing and beautiful. One second off and someone would crash to the ground. I couldn’t help but be awed by the deep trust each showed in the other. Trust proven as they precisely followed the plan laid out for them.

Today’s psalm speaks of the incredible ways that God is there for us. He shields us; He becomes our rock; He arms us with strength; He trains us for the fight; He provides a solid path to walk, and more. Like the acrobat’s partner, He is there, catching us, making sure that with each leap we take, we are safe. With that security, we can finish the journey, reach the heights, and win the battle.

But we’ll never experience this if we don’t step out. Like the circus performer, we discover our perfect partner’s trustworthiness only when we step out in faith and obey the plan. Yet there is no need to fear when we do so. Our partner won’t let us down, and amazing things will happen! And when we take the leap of faith into His arms, we soar in a dance both thrilling and free.

Try one new thing that requires trust in God and obedience, and see what happens.

Diane Gardner lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband. She enjoys oil painting, theater, music, and church ministry.