We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. (Rom. 8:28)

SAMANTHA PASSED AWAY last fall as a result of lymphoma. She was just twenty-five years old when she died. Her death hit me hard because she had served as one of my dorm chaplains while she was a student at Indiana Wesleyan University. She was full of energy and creative ideas, and her peers loved her. Her bright personality and warm, gregarious smile endeared her to her peers, as well as to others she was ministering to. When someone needed a hug, she was ready to give one.

The day after I heard about her passing, someone sent me a video clip of an interview Samantha had done for the church she attended. In the video, she bravely spoke about the disease that was weakening her physically. She openly shared that she did not know why God had allowed her disease. However, she never wavered in her understanding that God was still sovereign and still in control.

The last part of the clip brought tears to my eyes. Samantha spoke about her willingness to go through the physical challenges she was having if it would mean the eventual salvation of some of her family members, since she loved them dearly and knew they were not saved.

A week before her death her father surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

When trials test your faith, trust God to bring something good out of them.

Jim Lo is the author of Connect with God: The Purpose of Prayer (Wesleyan Publishing House) and the dean of chapel at Indiana Wesleyan University.