Delight yourself in the Lordand he will give you the desires of your heart. (Ps. 37:4)

MY SON AND I once camped on the Appalachian Trail in a three-sided trail shelter. Knowing bears could easily get to where we were—as they had visited a neighboring campsite on several occasions during the night—didn’t keep my son from sleeping soundly. My night was spent listening to every unusual sound, clutching my pistol, and squinting to see what lurked in the dark, but my son trusted me to protect him.

David says God—the kingdom Owner—can be trusted to keep us from ultimate harm. Though it may appear the forces of evil are winning, we will ultimately triumph. Living in a way that honors God’s name guarantees our ultimate safety and results in God giving us what we ask for because we’ll have no desire to ask for objects outside of His will.

Committing everything we do to the Lord is important; our kingdom owner can be relied on to handle the details of our lives. Rolling our plans onto Him results in direction, which is important if we’re to avoid hasty decisions we might later regret. God wants us to enjoy life, but it’s only possible when we live within the parameters of His plan.

Failure to trust the kingdom owner often results in getting ourselves free from His protection. Move as He gives instruction and, if the direction seems to disappear, be willing to wait upon the Lord until you receive further guidance.

Trust the kingdom Owner to lead you through every detail of life.

Martin W. Wiles is a preacher’s kid and author who understands believers’ struggles. He resides in Hodges, South Carolina.