You who seek God, may your hearts live! (Ps. 69:32)

WHEN TRAGEDY STRIKES, the challenge to hang on to the truth we know about God can sometimes be overwhelming. It seems easier to just yield to the despair that inevitably robs us of His comfort.

It happened to Trevor and Maria and their two small children. Life for this Christian family seemed normal until they were told the older child had cancer with only a short time left to live. Weeks later, Trevor was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor and forced to stop working. To add to their agony, an administrative problem created a lengthy delay in obtaining medical insurance coverage.

To help ease her emotional pain, Maria began to blog. Daily she rehearsed God’s truths through her blogs, until finally she could declare to her many readers that it was a great privilege and gift to trust a good and faithful God, and to have a relationship with Him that would one day end in glory. Many unanswered questions remained, but because Maria was determined to think right thoughts about God, she received His comfort and peace.

When King David was overwhelmed, he wrote psalms to reaffirm the truth about God’s character, both for his own sake and for Israel. And the truth is that God’s love, compassion, wisdom, and justice are unchanging. He invites us all today to seek Him and live. Will you say yes?

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Carol Chase and her husband live in Surrey, British Columbia. She is a retired administrative supervisor, enjoys gardening, and loves to pray for others.