But say the word, and my servant will be healed. (Luke 7:7)

YOU SIT BACK in the airplane seat and buckle up. Then you glance at the other passengers and pray a certain little child gets very, very sleepy. A moment later, you flip through the in-flight magazine. But never once do you wonder if the plane has the power to lift off the ground. Neither do you wonder if the pilot has the authority and ability to take that plane exactly where it needs to go.

The two people we read about today had healing faith. Literally. And their faith seems characterized by a couple of assurances they had. First, the centurion had complete confidence that Jesus had the authority and ability to heal. All things on earth were in Jesus’ control. And he also knew something the bleeding woman knew. That God’s power was more than sufficient for the task. Healing could even come through a simple word or a quick touch of a cloak.

Sometimes, like these two, we feel in some way unworthy. Like them, we may hold back from coming as boldly to Jesus as we might. But still, they came. And this showed strong enough faith that even Jesus took special note. May we have faith like these two. Faith that knows that what we request, even miraculous healings, are not outside God’s control and that His power is more than sufficient. May we have faith to soar.

Park near an airport and watch a few planes fly away.

Diane Gardner lives in the San Francisco Bay area, where she enjoys theater, street fairs, and watching the sun set with her husband.