The people were waiting expectantly and were all wondering in their hearts if John might possibly be the Christ. (Luke 3:15)

THE EXCITING THING about this passage is that the people were flocking to see John the Baptist and actually listening to him. All types came out to hear John—even tax collectors and soldiers! It sounds as if they were truly interested in God, asking what they should do to gain acceptance with John and God.

The crowds were waiting expectantly—for what? They were wondering in their hearts if John was the Christ—but what did they expect of the Christ? Certainly not what they got in Jesus. No political leader, no deliverer from Roman domination. No kingly figure in robes and symbols of power.

I hope, in their heart of hearts, they wanted more than a political figure. I hope they were longing for a God worthy of worship and for forgiveness for their sins. But later stories tell us they didn’t really want what Jesus came to offer: a love relationship.

What are we awaiting expectantly from God? For an answered prayer? Some show of power and control over a crazy world. And my world. Ephesians 3 says God can do above and beyond all we can ask or imagine. So what do we ask or imagine? Are we expecting miracles according to our design, or are we looking for a relationship with the Christ? May we not be the ones who demanded miracles and left when the show was over.

Imagine more from God than you ever dreamed.

Kathy Bence lives in Idaho with her professor husband, Phil.