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Orphaned Sierra Leonean children building new lives, post flooding

Children in Sierra Leone who were suddenly orphaned because of mudslides in their country are doing what they can to survive. World Hope International is doing what it can to help them.

IWU assistant coach talks about faith with NABC

The National Association of Basketball Coaches interviewed Jeff Clark, assistant coach with Indiana Wesleyan University Men’s Basketball.

Indiana pastor advocates for balance in immigration process

Rev. Zach Szmara, pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Logansport, Ind., and director of The Wesleyan Church’s Immigrant Connection, said the number of immigrants afraid of being deported has increased due to a change in the U.S.’s immigration policies.

Wesleyan doctor assists in caring for Sierra Leone mudslide victims

Dr. Ryan Bence, a doctor in Indianapolis, found himself visiting Sierra Leone at the same time of recent catastrophic mudslides. Dr. Bence, an Indiana Wesleyan University graduate who assisted many victims alongside a colleague, is the son of Dr. Bud Bence, a retired Wesleyan pastor and educator.