Each week, both Wesleyans and Wesleyan churches are featured in online news publications. As we are alerted to those news items, we are privileged to pass them along. If you see a news item that relates to Wesleyans, please forward to communications@wesleyan.org. The following are sample news items:

Dr. Everett Piper on illegal juveniles

President Everett Piper of Oklahoma Wesleyan University speaks out in a Tulsa radio broadcast on the church’s responsibility amidst the problem of undocumented children flooding the US southern border. He states, “It is not enough to merely BE right, we must also DO right.”

Rev. Wright, Wesleyan Community Church have plenty to celebrate

Rev. Steven Wright has been pastor of the Wesleyan Community Church for 38 of the church’s 70-year history in Oak Lawn. He has had a 45-year history of growing parishes throughout North Carolina, Georgia and Illinois.

Twins Day held in Cornwall

Cornwall had its second annual Twins Day on Saturday, with outdoor activities held at the Wesleyan church on Sydney Street.