He brought out his people with rejoicing. (Ps. 105:43)

MY GRANDMA BETTYE suffered through two types of cancer. She endured surgeries and treatment and medications. Then, unexpectedly, my grandpa passed away, adding grief onto her physical pain. Yet she relied on God completely. Every time I see her, she has a smile and a kind word. “I know Jesus is with me,” she says. She has learned to rejoice in God.

The Israelites spent over four hundred years in slavery in Egypt. They were beaten and tormented by their masters. Then God delivered them through a mighty display of His power. “He brought out Israel, laden with silver and gold,” verse 37 notes. The nation experienced His wonders and miracles as they journeyed to the Promised Land. From hardship sprang rejoicing.

God walks with us during the valley of tears. When we can’t see the ending, He asks us to trust Him and His timing. The rock will bring water. The fire will give light. Psalm 105:42 says, “He remembered his holy promise.” He won’t leave us stranded. Whatever stage of life we have passed through or are headed toward, God’s presence is guaranteed. In the dark times of a cancer diagnosis, job loss, a sick child, an aging parent, or failing health, He remains beside us. Let this thought calm our minds as believers in Jesus Christ: God is with us. That’s cause for rejoicing.

Wherever you find yourself this day, rejoice that God is with you.

Kathleen Dunlap lives in Colorado with her husband and Great Dane mix. For fourteen years, she worked in missions in Germany. She enjoys reading and running.