Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord. (Ps. 89:15)

BECAUSE OUR HOUSE is older, most of the original electrical sockets are designed for basic two-prong plugs. Any appliance with a three-prong plug or a wider prong will not work without an adapter. As we make renovations, we switch to the three-prong socket, but most of the house cannot handle the newer plugs, whether they are three-prong or have the wider prong. The house was built for the older design and cannot handle the new design without help.

We were originally created to love and glorify God, but sin altered our design so that we can no longer handle our intended purpose without help. But God in His lovingkindness has kept His covenant to redeem us back to himself. Both the Bible and history recount God’s faithfulness to men and women through the ages.

Now that we have God’s assistance, we can fit the slot for which we were originally designed. Because of all that God has done for us, beginning with salvation in Christ, we can sing praises to God. God’s blessings both large and small keep rolling through our lives like an ever-flowing stream. Each day brings a new source of joy. As we recount our blessings, our very spirit connects with God and keeps blessings coming to us in an eternal cycle of thanksgiving and fellowship. God’s wondrous work begun in Christ continues through eternity.

Start today to name three things every day for which you can thank God.

Terry Magee lives with his wife in central Pennsylvania, where he teaches in his church. He enjoys both reading and outdoor activities.