Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises. (Ps. 47:6)

I ENTERED my mom’s hospital room early in the morning. The doctor said these were her last days, and I wondered how I would make the best of my time with her. Closing my eyes, I said a quick prayer. Then I picked up Mama’s Bible from the nightstand. “What would you like me to read to you?”

“Something from the book of Acts,” Mama said. So I read Acts 27 and 28. We marveled over the miracle of a huge bonfire in a storm that warmed 276 travelers. Then we sang Mama’s favorite hymns. Her eyes closed, her arms waved in the air. Others in the hospital stopped what they were doing and joined us. We prayed and sang more hymns. This was praise and worship at its best. The music came from a hospital room, but it could happen anywhere in the midst of any trial, suffering, or celebration.

God waits for us to turn toward Him and lift His name in praise and adoration. He longs to be invited into our lives. Regardless of our circumstances, we can develop grateful hearts because we have a God who loves and cares about us. For that we are thankful and sing songs of praise.

My last hours with my mom are a treasured memory. We met with God and worshiped Him.

Sing praises to God today in the midst of your circumstances.

Sue Tornai lives with her husband, John, and dog, Maggie, in northern California. She teaches elementary Sunday school and leads a Christian writers group.