The newly released fall issue of Wesleyan Life magazine focuses on our worship: we are called to love God and worship him in spirit and in truth.

This digital version provides the bonus of numerous short video features, photo galleries, books, and other resources.

Included in this issue:

  • A special feature on worship arts with creative ideas from Wesleyan churches across the denomination.
  • Songwriters share about their craft and the use of music in worship.
  • Emily Vermilya reminds us that worship is not our invention or a performance, but a wonderful, personal invitation from God, our host.
  • Are personal testimonies in worship antiquated? Amanda Drury shares their importance, and suggests that through video and other means their power can still be captured.
  • We owe more to Charles Wesley than you might think. Patrick Eby highlights the changes he brought that paved the way to modern worship music.
  • Lenny Luchetti unpacks powerful ideas on Communion.
  • Jo Anne Lyon shares moving worship stories from her travels.

Enjoy the digital magazine even before the print copies arrive and share it with others! We encourage you to circulate the link for the magazine to your congregation through your communication channels (email, newsletter, social media, etc.).