I do not trust in my bow,my sword does not bring me victory. (Ps. 44:6)

If you came face-to-face with a ferocious lion, what would you do? I suppose it would depend on whether or not you had a weapon at your disposal. A loaded shotgun or long sharp spear would be a comfort in a situation like this. Without one, following the instinct to run may be a wise choice. Weapons make all the difference when you want to be victorious over your enemy.

Just as the lion would rather devour you than see you go on to better things, the enemies of God would rather keep you from experiencing the victory. They will try to catch you when you seem to be unarmed, hoping you will be stopped from planting more seeds of God’s love and mercy.

But the truth is, you are never without a weapon of great effectiveness. God’s Word is written on your heart and at your disposal any time. You need not depend only on physical weapons to do battle. The Word and promises of God are more powerful than any weapon anyone could fashion. We can lean upon its truth and trust its authority in all things. Your victory is not dependent on things that are seen.

Make the Word of God your weapon of choice when you face the Enemy of your soul.

Refresh your arsenal each day and be ready with the Word.

Jan Cline is a speaker and the director of the Inland NW Christian Writers conference.