One of my oldest friends, Mike, recently lost his 25-year-old son. Mike was my very first best friend. We went to swimming lessons together, played superheroes together, went to “Herbie the Love Bug” movies together and for much of our young lives went to church together. Mike and I remained good friends throughout high school and into adulthood. Eventually, our paths went different directions, but I have always liked and respected Mike.

That day, Mike had the worst day of his life. He came home from a wedding and found his son dead. He had committed suicide (how I hate that word). I don’t know what it is like to lose a son to this terrible choice, but I know a lot of people who have. I have lost a nephew who took his life at 17 years old. I have also had four first cousins who did the same. This darkness weighs heavy in my family.

Many people walk through heavy roads of depression in their life. I have been on a few of those roads myself. Life has a way of bringing us down. Whether it is a road of loneliness, boredom, meaninglessness or deep hurt. Depression can happen to anyone. I am a pastor by profession, but I have been there. I might end up there again.

But I believe Jesus came into this world to bring us life. He conquered sin and death and he came to save us from the pit of despair. I cling to that message for myself and I will spread that message to all who have ears to hear it. Hillside Wesleyan Church (Olean, New York) is one of many churches out there committed to spreading hope in a dark world.

Remember, friend. You are never too lost or broken for the love of Jesus. He loves you just as you are, where you are.

Learn more about suicide awareness and prevention.

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